Retina Partners

of Northwest Arkansas 

We combine education and technology with compassion and concern to provide the highest quality care for our patients.

It is a pleasure to assist you with your health and eye care.

Dr Adams is honored to serve as your Retinal Specialist. He started his practice in Northwest Arkansas in July of 2008 with the goal of expanding the assessment and treatment of Vitreoretinal Conditions, utilizing Global Education and Research to provide hometown care.

Your Visit: What to Expect

If you are a new patient, you will be asked to fill out paperwork on your past and present medical conditions, past surgeries, family history, what vitamins and medications you are taking, and dosage information. Click here to download the health history paperwork if you wish to print and fill it out before checking in.

If you have diabetes or your medications require you to eat, please bring snacks with you. If you carry oxygen, please bring enough for up to three hours.

During Each Visit

  • Both eyes will be dilated.
  • You may want to have someone drive you (dilating drops can cause light sensitivity and blurred vision).
  • If you have sunglasses, you may want to bring them. If you do not have any, we will provide some.
  • Your vision will be recorded, and intraocular pressure will be checked.
  • Diagnostic services will be performed. You will have OCT scans (scans of your retina), and possibly retinal photographs and/or a fluorescein angiogram (dye test to evaluate circulation of the retina).
  • After tests are performed, your doctor will evaluate you, inform you of your eye condition, and discuss treatment options if available. In many cases, treatment can begin at your initial visit.
  • Your time is very important to us, and so is your health. Because we want to ensure that you receive all the care you need, your visit may last for one to three hours depending on the severity of your eye condition.